In the U.S., we have a President who is 78, a Speaker of the House who is 81, and a judge on the Supreme Court who is 82.

When I was younger, I used to think it was time for the old fogeys to get out of the way and let the brilliant next generation lead. Now I’m having second thoughts. Isn’t that what many of us are now seeking, to be vital and engaged into the later stages of life?

Many Crow’s Feet writers would agree that life after 50 has a lot to offer. Here’s what folks are…

Ready or not, it’s coming.

Photo of the Krewe de Vieux parade in New Orleans by the author.

I visited an old friend’s husband earlier this month just two weeks before he died. He was at home, tended by his son and his wife, who slept on the couch next to his bed in case he needed anything during the night. He often did.

The best part of my visit was after dinner, when we reminisced about the fun things we used to do. He didn’t want to talk about his health really. A diagnosis of advanced pancreatic cancer in April was grim enough. Now, the day after his doctor told him there…

This could be the toughest push of all.

Photo by Andrew Martin from Pixabay.

A lot has been written about aging, about finding new energy in our sixties and seventies as we explore mountain ranges, travel across the country in an RV or live it up in the cities and suburbs.

I’ve been part of this shift in energy and know the excitement of re-imagining the final chapters of our lives while shredding stereotypes of old, feeble seniors tottering into a cloud-covered sunset. …

Are you ready to spend a few minutes with stories about life as we age? If so, be prepared to shake your head in agreement at the observations shared on these pages. Be prepared as well to start laughing or to feel your sense of injustice provoked. If retirement is on your mind, you’ll find people sharing their experiences, both good and not so great.

If you’re a Crow’s Feet writer, or would like to become one, please read the updated guidelines on our Submissions page. We’ve changed a couple of requirements, including a limit on accepting articles previously published…

True or not, they play a role in how we see ourselves as we age.

Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

What is it about these old vacation spots that pull us back every summer, places that hold the promise of enveloping us with memories of simpler, uncomplicated youth?

Last year we moved to a new home in a seaside town that doubles in population every summer. …

July 14, 2021

This week’s Crow’s Feet Digest starts on a serious note with a piece chronicling one woman’s journey through Catholicism to AA until finally arriving at her own religious center.

Next are stories that reveal our foibles and fears about signs of aging, as well as our urge to get the most out of life.

Retirement was on the mind of many writers this week and you’ll find a half dozen stories that touch on your finances for retiring but also ask what the heck to do with all that time.

Read on to learn about health problems…

It’s summer in the northern hemisphere and, as always happens in summer, the days are flying by. Every once in a while I can give in to an inescapable desire to skip out on responsibilities just to sit outside in the day’s warmth then stick around to hold on to each long day by watching a brilliant sunset and afterglow.

Summer is fleeting. It doesn’t help that in the past decade life already has been picking up speed, making days end more quickly and hurling us forward to our final destiny. That’s life.

This week, Crow’s Feet begins with a…

The wisdom we find when we grow older, the power to re-define, to re-discover those parts of ourselves we had tucked away as we raised families, pursued our careers and just struggled to keep up. Our wisdom is the fruit of living a long life.

Part of our wisdom comes from looking back at our youthful adventures and extracting real lessons about life. More of it emerges as we grapple with how to get the most from life as we age.

Crow’s Feet writers are all exploring these ideas and their voices are growing in number. We welcome Marlane Ainsworth

Can we use the power of the 60s to re-imagine our lives today?

Photo from the author.

When did age start to matter to you? The first few years of life you may roll around in oblivion but sometime in grammar school aging starts to be wrapped up in the desire to grow up, to be older.

The tall 12-year-old girl in the back row wishing she was a teenager at last. The 20-year-old wishing that he was one year older and could buy a drink of alcohol at the bar.

I was just like that, always wanting to hurry through life. Then, after…

What’s new at Crow’s Feet? First, you will find that our voices are strengthening as we tell the world that we’ve had our fill of condescending treatment and are digging in for the long haul to fight ageism and elder abuse.

You also can feel the vigor of people like David Mokotoff who writes I May Be Running Out of Time But Not Ideas. Brian Dickens Barrabee and Ruby Lee, who each have five stories this week, are living proof that creativity doesn’t dry up as we age.

There’s lot to catch up on, but before we go, welcome two…

Nancy Peckenham

TV, print and online journalist. Mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, adventurer, history-lover. and

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