Does my lack of focus on earnings make me an outsider at Medium?

I write because I have to. Photo by Matthew LeJune/Unsplash

I’ve been writing pieces on Medium for 18 months now. I write when I feel inspired and am grateful when a reader gives me a clap. I check my stats page about once a month. When I see all the articles advising people about how to make money on Medium, I wonder if I should be trying harder to find success.

From the get-go, I decided not to focus on making money, though I do appreciate even a small revenue stream. In fact, I joined Medium because it provides the opportunity to be paid. Writing is work just like any other profession and I’m not comfortable giving my labor for free to an anonymous corporation whose managers are largely unknown and unseen.

I write because I love words, love language, love to communicate and share my thoughts.

I’m glad that I don’t focus on money because I think it would drive me insane. I write sporadically, when I have the time and inspiration, so my meager earnings should come as no surprise. It would be frustrating if I banged out a piece daily and still didn’t earn much dough.

The latest missive to Medium Partners shows how few writers can eke a living from the platform. It reports that “59% of writers or publications who wrote at least one story for members earned money.” One lucky writer earned $24,438.59 in a month, but the reality was sharply different for the rest. In fact, only “9% of active writers earned over $100.”

Looked at from another angle, 41% of writers didn’t have any earnings and 92% of those who did made less than $3 a day.

It’s OK, I don’t mean to sound like a wet blanket. When writing is a passion that makes you happy, the financial reward takes a backstage to the pleasure of creating and interacting with readers who appreciate what you have to say.

I’m not stopping my writing but I am clear that while Medium gives me an audience, the odds are against me taking much else to the bank.

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