I feel for the Southwicks dying of exposure and I also feel the weight of my own ancestor Richard Waldron of Dover, New Hampshire,who, in 1662, ordered three Quaker women to be tied to a cart and whipped publicly in eleven towns from Dover to Boston. In the depth of winter, through snow, the women were marched bare-breasted to Hampton where they were whipped. In the next town, thankfully, the officer in charge balked at Waldron’s order and spirited the women to safety. ​

John Greenleaf Whittier also wrote about how the Quaker women might have cursed him:

​”And thou, O Richard Waldron, for whom
We hear the feet of a coming doom,
On thy cruel heart and thy hand of wrong
Vengeance is sure, though it tarry long.”

The cruelty of earlier generations is hard to fathom…

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TV, print and online journalist. Mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, adventurer, history-lover. and

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