McCarthy, Alaska: Frontier Town with an Inglorious History

The Kennecott glacier rises behind the copper processing plant. Photo: National Park Service

The Richest Copper Mine in the World

In the winter, everything freezes and is entombed in snow. Photo: Nancy Peckenham

A Deadly Day in McCarthy

​Restoration of Mine Buildings by the National Parks

The mine superintendent’s office, in the foreground, is restored and open to the public. Photo: Nancy Peckenham

The McCarthy Road

This wooden railroad trestle was built in 1908. Photo: Nancy Peckenham
The footbridge to McCarthy.

History, Hiking and Honky Tonk

That’s me on the Root Glacier. Photo: Nancy Peckenham
A moraine field with ice chunks. Photo: Nancy Peckenham

Valdez: Vistas to Die For

The Worthington Glacier. The day after we visited, a 10-inch boulder fell off the glacier and struck a five-year-old boy, killing him and proving again how wild Alaska nature can be. Photo: Nancy Peckenham
Fishing is the lifeblood of Valdez. Photo: Nancy Peckenham
The Wrangell Mountains.

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