Talk to Me When I’m Old

A lifetime of humanity to share

Talk to me like I’m not there,

And I will disappear.

Talk about me, in front of me, a piece of furniture,

And I will withdraw, resentful.

The glazed look in my eyes will be a shield

Against your stupidity.

I’m not deaf and I sure am not dumb.

I just can’t remember what I ate for breakfast.

Tell me a story and I will feel

The same passions you do.

My feelings have not evaporated

with my short-term memory.

I am living. I am alive.

Talk to me.

For more insight, read How to Care for a Parent with Dementia in Medium’s Better Humans.

Written by

TV, print and online journalist. Mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, adventurer, history-lover. and

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